Whitelight Blackdog

By Caity Fowler and ... Crowded

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  • Melbourne
  • http://pozi.be/caityfowlerprojects
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Successfully funded on 04 June 2013 Payment portal is now closed

A$5 + Reward

approx US$4

Home made hug. A warm fuzzy thing (an actual thing you can touch feel love hold in your hand) made with love by us, sent to you with thanks.

3 Chosen 497 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$12 + Reward

approx US$9

Digital copy of Whitelight Blackdog EP

27 Chosen 373 Available Est. Delivery Jul 2013

A$30 + Reward

approx US$23

Signed Whitelight Blackdog EP & a home made hug. *see above for hug*

29 Chosen 371 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$45 + Reward

approx US$34

Signed Whitelight Blackdog EP & ticket to the EP launch to be held June 22 2013.
*Includes actual hug from Caity in person*
** you may opt out of actual hug option**

4 Chosen 96 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$50 + Reward

approx US$38

Signed Whitelight Blackdog EP & ticket to the official Pozible Victory Party to be held at bohemian paradise the Butterfly Club, Melbourne CBD. Includes canapes, champagne & live burlesque, July 13 2013.

11 Chosen 29 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$75 + Reward

approx US$57

Personal Caity Youtube Cover & digital EP.
Caity will sing the song of your choosing in a youtube dedication just for YOU! (or someone you love) *wink wink*
limited edition people!

6 Chosen 4 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$150 + Reward

approx US$113

Beautiful best quality custom made illustration print from Jenna Ramondo at Musings from the Moon. Check out her work at https://www.facebook.com/musingsfromthemoon VERY LIMITED

2 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$250 + Reward

approx US$187

Private lounge room gig. (in a totally non-creepy way of course) Caity will play a private gig in the comfort of your living room for you & whoever else can fit. Victoria only sorry...unless there's uber cheap flights ; )

0 Chosen 5 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$500 + Reward

approx US$374

Ultimate 'be gentle' self love & care pack.
Includes signed Whitelight Blackdog EP, ticket to EP launch, ticket plus one to exclusive Pozible Victory Party (see above for details) locally produced wine, AND one-of-a-kind original artwork by Jenna Ramondo at Musings from the Moon.
*see above for artwork link* phew.

0 Chosen 10 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

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