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Be a Part of Our First T-Shirt Competition!

byThe Pozible Team · 19th Sep 2012

We are proud to announce the winner of our t-shirt competition is Kal Englishby! Kal's entry was:

Congratulations Kal! You've won a $250 pledge to a project of your choice and 2 Pozible t-shirts!

Due to the great response of the competition, we're giving away a t-shirt to 10 runner ups. They are: Erin Collins, Kate Toon, Jai Hallam, Tim McGee, Kylie Gusset, Steve Lee-Burman, Fi Dalwood, Nancy Pansy Hairy Mary, Louisa Hope and Kate Llewellyn.

Congratulations everyone! Please email info[at]pozible[dot]com to let us know what colour (black or white), style (man or woman) and size (SML) you'd like your t-shirt and your shipping address!

We’re proud to announce the first Pozible t-shirt competition!!!

Since we believe in crowdsourcing ideas, we thought we would ask you - the lovely people out there in the interwebs - to give us your suggestions for what you’d like to see on our t-shirts.

In 15 words or less, tell us your suggestion for the best quote, tagline or one-liner with the word “Pozible” in the title.

“even my mum pledged to pozible”

All you need to do is to enter your suggestion is tweet us to @pozible or comment on our Facebook page.

All entries must be received by Midnight EST Friday September 21 2012.

If your entry is chosen as the winner, you’ll win:

$250 to spend on any Pozible campaign you like. If you nominate the campaign you want to support, we’ll chip in the moolah on your behalf and you’ll get the rewards!


TWO of your very own Pozible t-shirts (in black or white, and in a size of your choice) shipped to you anywhere in the world

FIVE runners up will receive:

Your very own Pozible t-shirt (in black or white, and in a size of your choice) shipped to your anywhere in the world.


The Pozible Team


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All things are pozible. October 24 2012 · Reply

1. Pozible turns the seemingly impossible to highly probable

2. A pledge to Pozible is the shining light that turns the impossible to Pozible

3. A Pozible pledge a day keeps the impossible away September 25 2012 · Reply

Pozible Pledges improve your sex life-try it! September 21 2012 · Reply

1. You say impossible...

I say Pozible.

2. Believing ~ all things are pozible.

3. How do you spell Pozible?

4. Maketheimpossiblepossiblewithpozible! September 21 2012 · Reply

Be kind whenever pozible. It is always pozible.

The Dalai Lama September 21 2012 · Reply

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