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Crowdfunding For Research Now Live!

byMatt Benetti · 18th Oct 2013

We've broken new ground launching our new Research category.

Providing a unique funding avenue for students, research projects can now be crowdfunded for the first time in Australia.

The launch follows a successful pilot project run in partnership with Deakin University which saw six-out-of-eight postgrad research projects successfully crowdfund more than $68,000 earlier this year.

Participants experienced the power of crowdfunding, not only for fundraising but also for facilitating connection between their research, the broader academic community and the public.

Projects launching now include research into using a fish to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy, development of a detailed infographic on Melbourne’s food sources and the resources required to produce it plus an investigation into the impact of depression after a stroke, among others.

We're proud to be launching in partnership with Deakin University, The Florey Institute and Ballarat University and also encourage other research institutes and students around Australia come to embrace crowdfunding just as enthusiastically.

How it works on the site

For Researchers

• If you are already connected with a research Institution: approve your project for crowdfunding with the relevant decision maker at your Institution; select your Institution from the drop-down menu when setting up your project in the Research category on Pozible. Your project rewards will default to a DGR-receipt approved model

• If you are not connected with a listed research Institution: you will need to select 'Other' from the Institution drop-down menu. You will not be able to offer DGR tax-deductible receipts among your rewards.

To learn more, contact us

For Institutions

To become an official Research category affiliate, get in touch with our Partnerships & Marketing Manager

The Pozible Research category launches 12pm Monday 21st October.

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Hi, Rick,
I am dealing with Internet Finance business at PingAn in China and preparing a crowdfunding case which is designed to invest some real estate in Australia.
If you are interested, please message me for further discussion.
Vic May 17 2014 · Reply

That's fantastic! Wondering when you will have an environmental section? I would like to have put my Pozible project Peak Challenge under that category rather than film and I'm sure there are heaps of other crowd funding projects that fall under that as a prime category too. I know if I was looking to fund something that's what I would search for. November 21 2013 · Reply

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