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Finally arrived - Self-Hosted Projects

9th Jan 2014

We're excited to announce Self-Hosted Projects.

It's what it sounds like: you can now set up your project on Pozible, then take the code to host your crowdfunding project elsewhere online, on your preferred site or URL!

This is huge. We're the first major platform to deliver this level of control for greater crowdfunding independence and creativity.

You don't need to be 'techy' either, it's a simple cut and paste job.

What are the benefits?

  1. It is completely under your own website - your url, your colour scheme and your own layout.
  2. Keep your audiences, your supporters don't have to register with Pozible to pledge their support. When they click to pledge, the streamlined and secure payment portal opens right there on your site.
  3. Choose to accept PayPal payments or Credit Cards or both, you can download all supporter details as CSV from your Pozible backend.
  4. Support more than 20 currencies.

Who is this for?

Anyone with a regular, loyal online audience of their own, wanting to run their campaign independently.

Anyone wanting tighter control of their visual presentation. Pick your project colour scheme! The self-hosted project has a very plain look, suitable for many site designs. Clean. Neat.

Self-hosting even supports our new Subscription rewards receive ongoing pledges of support, directly on your site from your regular visitors.

Awesome! How do I set up my self-hosted campaign?

Simply start a new project on Pozible site and choose self hosted option.

Your project must still meet our Project Guidelines and you must still submit your project for review by our team. Once your project is Approved, you'll have access to the embed code you need to show your project on an external site.

Simply cut and paste this code from your Pozible project back-end to the right location on your external site (or email it to your webmaster if you're not the main site editor). Voila! You're all set.

We're looking forward to seeing how you, our amazing community, blow our minds with your bold and innovative takes on self-hosted crowdfunding. Get to it!

What do you think? Are you more inclined to crowdfund from your own site, or would you rather be on itself? Or both? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


Can Self-Hosted projects reside on both your own website and Pozible as well?

No. The Self-Hosted campaigns are designed to be integrated with your personal branding on your website and do not require supporters to have a Pozible account.
If you'd like to host a project on your own site as well as Pozible, you can start a standard campaign and then use our Widgets for representation on your own website, this way you are able to capture both sources of traffic.

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This is a great step forward, but when will an update be released that allows us to also list our self-hosted campaigns in the Pozible directories? April 11 2014 · Reply

I am glad to read this post, its an interesting one. I am always searching for quality posts and articles and this is what I found here, I hope you will be adding more in future. Thanks crowdfunding creditunion entrepreneur April 10 2014 · Reply

This is very interesting. Am I correct in ascertaining that people don't need to join Pozible to pledge via this self hosting route, which if you are dealing with an older demographic is a bonus. They get very befuddled with creating new accounts all the time. That's the incentive you get instead of hosting on Pozible and then also embedding on your site? How long has been going and is there any data on it yet? April 08 2014 · Reply

Thank you for this blog and all the REAL information. There is so muchcrap out here and I am grateful for having access to Matt’s info. I ama newbie and with this info I am slowly but sure getting there. Thecontent and the comments are educational as URL canonicalization was a new term to me and I am making some corrections to my sites. crowdfunding creditunion entrepreneur April 04 2014 · Reply

Thanks Ming-Zhu, we will definitely take this into account for our next update. March 01 2014 · Reply

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