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Get your music rewards distributed by MGM - Your sales count towards the charts!

byMatt Benetti · 16th Jan 2014

In a groundbreaking new partnership, Pozible now offers musicians the option to have
their crowdfunded albums, singles (physical and digital) and/or merchandise orders fulfilled
by MGM’s retail subsidiary, Waterfront Records.


By opting in to a relationship with Waterfront Records via Pozible you are able to:

  • Fulfill the crowdfunding orders of your album, singles (physical and digital) and/or merchandise. Saving you the trouble of sending them out.
  • Have your crowdfunded albums count towards the ARIA and AIR charts.
  • Sell your album, singles and/or merchandise through a Waterfront checkout on your own website following your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Receive a discounted 15% service fee from Waterfront. This is 15% of the retail price of the album, single and/or merchandise - not necessarily the amount you offer it for as a Reward on Pozible.
  • Have a direct avenue to form a relationship with a leading music retail service.


To be a part of it you just need to tick the relevant box when you are creating your crowdfunding campaign and a representative from Waterfront will be in touch to talk you through:

  • Reporting and delivering the Pozible Rewards (albums, singles and/or merchandise) to Waterfront Records.
  • Integrating a Waterfront checkout in to your own website.
  • The payment process

Or you can contact Waterfront Records at

If you’d like to tell Pozible about your crowdfunding campaign before you launch (which we
recommend!) you can send us an email at or choose ‘Matt’ as your
contact person from the drop down menu when you start building your campaign.

Musicians intending to participate should endeavour to include a barcode on both their physical and digital albums/singles for chart reporting purposes. Waterfront will be able to provide further details if required.

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