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Pozible and AIDC Joining Forces for Documentary

byMatt Benetti · 12th Nov 2012

Pozible is proud to announce we’re joining forces with the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) to create a live pitching competition for crowdfunding campaigns as part of DocWeek in March 2013.

This Australian-first initiative is your chance to pitch your developed documentary idea to a live audience of documentary lovers (and fellow filmmakers and industry heavyweights), supported by a live crowdfunding campaign.

The lucky documentary filmmakers chosen to participate in the Pozible Pitch will pitch their film ideas to an audience at DocWeek in a bid to boost their crowdfunding campaigns, raise funds, build buzz and gain audience support.

You can also come to AIDC’s marketplace to meet broadcasters, distributors, film agencies, sales agents and others.

So you’ll be able to leverage the success of your crowdfunding campaign to try to attract that elusive marketplace attachment, pre-sale or broadcast deal!

AIDC has joined forces with Pozible, the crowdfunding platform, to create the Pozible Pitch.   This is your chance to pitch your developed documentary idea to a live audience of documentary lovers during Doc Week, supported by an online Pozible campaign. This is an opportunity to raise funds, create hype around your project and gain audience support.  This live pitch is a fantastic way to boost your campaign.

How does it work?

Filmmakers who participate in the Pozible Pitch, will receive  a number of benefits: 

  • a mentoring session with a staff member from Pozible who will explain the best way to prepare your social media and online campaign
  • an opportunity to address a live audience at the beginning of a DocWeek screening, and pitch your project to them.  If audience members wish, they can make pledges on the spot.
  • Your Pozible Pitch project will appear on both the Pozible and AIDC websites, increasing your audience reach.

  • Promotional support from AIDC for your Pozible Pitch project.

Excited? Here is how you enter:

AIDC is calling for submissions. Here is what you need to do to be considered:

Step 1: Read the regulations/guidelines on the AIDC site.
Step 2: Prepare to submit your idea. You’ll need to provide:

  • Biography - max 100 words
  • Short Description of your film project - max 96 characters
  • Synopsis - max 300 words
  • Expected running time of the completed documentary
  • Producer's details and any previous credits
  • Director's details and any previous credits
  • Total expected budget
  • How will you use the funds that you receive from donations
  • What type of rewards would you like to give to those who donate
  • Vimeo link to your project trailer

Step 3: Complete the online submission form - click here

The deadline for the Pozible Pitch is November 2012.

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