Pozible now accepting pledges in Bitcoin

byRick Chen · 25th Oct 2013

Pozible project creators can now accept pledges in Bitcoin as a payment method!

Requests from users for Bitcoin support have been rolling in consistently in recent months, so we listened.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which exists entirely online and can be used for making payments and purchases between users able to exchange it.

You manage your Bitcoin balance with software called a (virtual) 'wallet' - we use and recommend our friends Coinjar. It's great.

For more information on Bitcoin here.

How it Works:

  • Project creators need a free Coinjar account to accept Bitcoin on Pozible.
  • Project supporters are not required to have Coinjar account, but do need to provide a return wallet address when pledging. This address is used to refund Bitcoin if the project is unsuccessful.
  • Unlike other payment methods, Bitcoin pledges get processed immediately into Pozible’s holding account and the equivalent exchange amo

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This is a very awesome addition to pozible! Although people have got to start ticking that box. I'm waiting for projects I can actually back! (which I assume will come along in the next few months) January 20 2014 · Reply

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