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Say Hi to the Pozible Shop!

byRick Chen · 29th Aug 2012

Finished your campaign? Wondering what to do next?

Why not turn your Pozible project into an online shop!

After you’ve finished your successful campaign, Pozible will now allow you to turn your Pozible campaign page into an online store for your project.

This new function will let you continue to sell your rewards as well as the final product of your project, drive traffic to your project and engage new and current audiences.

You’ll also be able to continue updating your existing supporters and keep your easy URL active as a digital portal for your project.

It's free to list your rewards for sale, you’ll just pay the same low service fee (usually 5%) on rewards.

All transactions are handled through our secure payment system using PayPal and Pozible automatically processes and transfers all payments from shop purchases directly to your PayPal account. Paypal transaction fees vary (typically 2.4% + $0.30) - more PayPal info here

So if your campaign is finished and your album tour is about to start, you can now use your Pozible page to sell tickets, digital downloads or even copies of the album.

Please note, you can only use Pozible Shop to sell rewards that are ready to be delivered immediately.

Setting Up Your Shop:

  • To run a Pozible shop, you need to have finished running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Pozible
  • Add new rewards for purchase just like you did when you added rewards for your crowdfunding campaign. You can set limits on the number of rewards and add shipping costs on top.
  • Click on Open My Shop and your shop is ready to receive its first purchase.

For information about the Pozible Shop, check out the Pozible Shop page:

Happy shopping!

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My shop is also live! Really interested to see how this goes!!! October 17 2012 · Reply

I hope to reach this part of selling the items not just raising funds. Hopeful! September 17 2012 · Reply

My shop is open! Buy GONE DOTTY: September 12 2012 · Reply

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