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Tom Dickins - A Pozible Success Story

byRick Chen · 5th Dec 2012


Here at Pozible, we are dedicated to inspiring our project creators and offering all the help we can to make the amazing ideas and projects we receive everyday, become a reality!


Meet Tom Dickins - A true Pozible success!


The Australian Singer Songwriter from Melbourne was blown away at the response his project received on Pozible, as he managed to raise THOUSANDS to fund his album.


Pozible was delighted to touch base with Tom and hear what he had to say about exceeding his funding goal through Pozible…





As a truly dedicated and talented artist, Tom was quickly able to build the funds he needed, through crowd funding, to be able to concentrate on developing his career as a musician and open up new opportunities for the making of his album. 


The usual fears Tom encountered before embarking on his project; the funding target, whether or not they would reach their target and creating rewards to suit the pledgers, soon melted away, as feedback and support from fans started to build the project and exceed all of Tom's hopes and dreams as everything fell into place!


Tom is driven by the simple fact that practicing artists deserve to make a living from their work. Pozible allowed him to put this idea into action and create an example of how drawing from a collective source is great way to achieve your dreams whilst getting others involved.


Check out Tom's project below where you can also purchase your very own copy of the album Tom created with the funding he raised through Pozible!



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