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2nd May 2010

What is Pozible?

Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Developed for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, social change makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all creative minded people to raise funds, realise their aspirations and make great things possible.

How does Pozible work?

Pozible provides project creators with a platform to present their ideas to a worldwide audience. If anyone likes the idea, they can support it by pledging money to the creator's project. In return for support, the project creators will offer rewards depending on the level of funding; essentially differentiating itself from the normal funding process.

Who is the Pozible team?

The Pozible team is made up of four energetic, tech-savvy, eccentric team members, situated in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Whether you are a part-time photographer or an inspiring xylophone musician, Pozible is here for you.

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I am organising a Fundraiser for the Fire Victims of Tasmania.

My event will be held in Melbourne, and will be a music event with 5 bands in all..

The event will be held on 24th March....at Lucky 13 Garage..8 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin...at 2pm-10pm..

A Tasmanian Rockabilly Band "Sin and Tonic" want to come to Melbourne for this event, but can only come if they get cheap air line tickets....I am at aloss for this.. have put a lenghty submission to Virgin Blue, but no support there, I have begged via face book, no support there..doing this on own is not an easy task... Is there some one out there that can donate or help with the costs of the air fares, this band will be our Finalllly.. a tasmanian band..coming to melb to support the event and will bring the crowd, cause they are in demand around the country side and ppls have been trying to get them here..but I have a great opportunity tohave at my event.. pls help.???? January 10 2013 · Reply

What a fabulous concept!

I'm so looking forward to raising the funds required to bring the documentary 'Miss Representation' from the Oprah Winfrey Network to Adelaide Fringe in 2013. I've been intrigued by the other projects I've seen that have been successful (including Eskimo Joe's, Father Bob's as well as the documentaries 'Mayby Baby' and 'Between the Monster and the Deep Blue Sea' and other shows that'll be at Adelaide Fringe in 2013) particularly interested me and am hopeful I'll have the same success with my project.

Here's the link - have a squiz: www.pozible.com/missrepfringe13 December 19 2012 · Reply


This sounds like a good idea. I am in California and an Australian friend sent me your link to check out. In 1978 I founded a non-profit to help abandoned children in Cusco, Peru. We soon learned that to prevent child abandonment we needed to prepare girls to be financially independent as adults and stop this. www.chicuchaswasi.org created an Alternative School for the underprivileged indigenous Girl in Cusco, Peru 15 years ago. Today we have 92 girls thriving in our school. Would be qualify to seek funding through Pozible crowdfunding platform? We are on FB @chicuchas wasi cusco and would love your input. Thanks November 06 2012 · Reply

Pozible is great! Check out our project:


Cheers August 13 2012 · Reply

I think crowdfunding is the only way for us writers to raise (as much funds as possible). Editing a manuscript is quite expensive and to promote a books is also expensive.

Banks are refusing to lend money and literary publishers and there related agents are not interested in new or aspiring writers.:( May 15 2012 · Reply

Hi Guy's,

We seem to be of like mind's. I find work, Grant Information, Publish, Promote and much much more Only Australian Artists through my 10 World Wide Web Pages. I do this for nothing and have done for 6 years with my sites "Australian Music and Entertainment Scene."

I get 5 !/2 Million hit's a month World wide trying to spread the love and inform not only the World ... but sadly Australia of the incredible talent we have. My Data Base is extensive and my workload is exhaustive.

Now is the time for me to find some funding so I can continue to strengthen The Australian Music and Entertainment Scene with in Australia an continue revealing it to the world.

I hope you can help me and Australian Artists. As you might be aware Australian Artists only get 25% of their work played on Commercial Radio the other 75% comes from overseas. This is one of the things I hope to change if Funded.

Great Idea Guy's,

Talk soon,

Tom McLeod.

https://www.facebook.com/AMES12 April 02 2012 · Reply

Pozible is a great idea, and i really look forward to working with you guys :-) February 15 2012 · Reply

Im so Impressed! Thank you so much for sharing,lets be thriving artists! Mutual collaboration is the way.Bravo! My Super Gratitude to you. October 03 2011 · Reply

This is next level! September 14 2011 · Reply

Hi Michael, your project sounds good, we do have previous designers try crowdfunding prototype of their products. As long as you are not offering financial return as rewards back to people, you will be fine. July 11 2011 · Reply

Question to Pozible team: I have an invention with global market appeal and I need financial help to optimise the design and build prototypes so that I can present the invention to potential licencees. I was surprised to read Rick Chen's answer to Charles Davis' question (you're not open for investing funding) because your profile states "Developed for" (among others), "designers, entrepreneurs and inventors." So would my requirement qualify or not? July 09 2011 · Reply

I feel like a woman who has seen fire for the first time. This is probably the best idea I have seen in a long time. The mere possibility to be able to support artists directly whilst discovering all kinds of projects ‘out there’ is pure genius! June 30 2011 · Reply

Great simple idea,I do a lot of volenteer work in indigenous communities and I think this is fantastic.
Regards Dave April 06 2011 · Reply

I think Crowdfunding is a fabulous idea, there must be thousands of struggling artist who cannot get their work off the ground for the lack of funding. I hope to support a number of ventures in the future and shall be bringing the site to the attention of a number of struggling artist that I know April 03 2011 · Reply

Hi Cate,

Thanks for the comments, yes please help spread the word and let more people know about the crowdfunding solution.

March 31 2011 · Reply

This is truly fabulous! Keep up the good work! I must raise awareness of your good deeds amongst the creative industries queensland.

cate collopy March 29 2011 · Reply

At least someone is thinking laterally in these times when capital is being cut & in short supply.
Lets hope the right people are watching. December 21 2010 · Reply

Hi Charles, thanks for your interests, FundBreak is set up to for the creative industry, we are not open for general businesses and investment funding.
November 30 2010 · Reply

I have the same thoughts as Sarah's posting; How is the funding paid out? Say I post my project and I do get people to support it with contributions. How or when do we get the funds in our pocket.

I am working on a start-up company for a new invention and technology for the Building Fire and Life Industry and need to raise funding to get it moving forward. November 27 2010 · Reply

Hi Sarah, all project creators need to obtain an invitation code before they put up their project - that's how FundBreak do the quality control making sure they are genuine. June 02 2010 · Reply

Great initiative. How do I know that the project creator will use my funding for what they say and not just buy a new car? ;-) June 01 2010 · Reply


Such a cool idea...! Would love to see this expand ..! Wish you guys all the best. May 26 2010 · Reply

What a fantastic idea! Great work on creating a platform for emerging and established artists to find alternative funding from supportive community members. May 05 2010 · Reply

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