Sticky - an animated doco about stick insects!

By Jilli Rose

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approx US$10

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A thank you in the credits and on our facebook page. You are a good egg. That's worth talking about.

An invitation to the launch for you and a matey. We want you to be the first to see the film, and we want to meet you!

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approx US$24

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All of the above, plus. . .

A high resolution film poster for download

High resolution desktop backgrounds for download.

A set of three Sticky postcards with one-of-a-kind hand-made envelopes and Sticky stickers.

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approx US$47

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All of the above, plus. . .

Fabulous Sticky badges hand crafted by us at Melbourne's own Sticky Institute.

A super-deluxe, Pozible-only DVD of the completed film.

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approx US$93

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All of the above plus. . .

A limited-edition, hand-bound, pocket-sized, dazzlingly-coloured Sticky picture book.

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approx US$140

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All of the above plus. . .

A Sticky kid's T-shirt, emblazoned with beautiful insecty designs in bright modern colours. Be sure to mention your child's dimensions.

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approx US$233

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All of the above, plus. . .

Send us your picture and Jilli will immortalise you in the credits, with a loving tribute and psychedelic clothing, or weasels, or whatever you want really, like this. . .

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