'Dreams Speak in Metaphor' interactive novella

By Jordan Reeves

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  • Newcastle
  • http://pozi.be/dsim
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A$5 + Reward

approx US$4

A PDF copy of 'Dreams Speak in Metaphor' emailed to you, and an email notification when the interactive website is ready to go (you’ll be one of the first to see it)

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$15 + Reward

approx US$12

Rewards from the $5 category, PLUS a hand made, personalized copy of my demo album ‘The Ultrademo’s’ that I will post to you.

The demo is a data disk that contains 10 videos, and 17 audio tracks (9 of which are super secret tracks from the past two years leading up to now, including improvised loop, song seeds, experiments, and soundscapes – AKA an hour and a half worth of HC goodness. Every disk also has a lovely little thank you letter, and the edition number printed on the label.

3 Chosen 197 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$20 + Reward

approx US$15

Rewards from the $5 category,

PLUS web access to 'The Ultrademo's' (described in the $15 catagory),

PLUS web access to my debut album ‘The Ultrasounds & Sights’ (a live video album with projections, some of my family and closest friends, chai tea and butterfly shaped cookies), and all the connected media when it is released early next year.

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$30 + Reward

approx US$23

All rewards from the $25 category, plus a physical DVD/CD copy of my debut album ‘The Ultrasounds and Sights’.

(*'Ultrademos' as a digital copy only, see $15 reward , or higher rewards for a limited edition physical copy*)

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Mar 2013

A$40 + Reward

approx US$30

All rewards from the lower price categories, PLUS a limited edition paperback copy of the book

(*'Ultrademos' as a digital copy only, see $15 reward or higher categories for a limited edition physical copy*)

6 Chosen 994 Available Est. Delivery Mar 2013

A$100 + Reward

approx US$75

All rewards from the lower price catagories, plus, If you live in Newcastle, Sydney, or Melbourne, I will come to your house and play a solo Holographic Cocoon set , and do a bit of a book reading if you like for you and as many friends and family members as you care to invite / will fit in your house, or just you – its totally up to you. If time allows we could hang out the next day and maybe have a picnic, or go to your favorites places?

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$200 + Reward

approx US$150

The same as the $100 category, except for those of you who live outside of Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne (still within Australia however!). This price is higher because I will need to pay for transport. Also, it would be awesome if I could sleep on your couch for the night.

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$300 + Reward

approx US$225

Same as the $200 category, plus I will definitely spend the next day with you, and give you a one on one lesson on vocal looping, and show you how I work all of my music gear, give you sneek peaks into the recording I have been doing and what is coming up on the next album that I have begun working on.

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$400 + Reward

approx US$299

Same as the $300 category, PLUS I will cook for you my favorite meal – Lentil bake. It takes about 2 hours to make, and is absolutely delicious. It is a layered bake of roasted vegetables, Bolognese-like packed with amazing vegetables and lentils, baby spinach, fresh white sauce, and topped with Parmesan cheese and olive oil soaked bread portions This is a vegetarian dish, and I can make a vegan alternative using substitutes - both variations are flipping delicious!

0 Chosen 15 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$500 + Reward

approx US$374

Same as the $400 category, but I will get you involved in a future project some how. You could be a voice actor in the audio book, or an extra in the film, or contribute to a future album – keeping in mind that these are all future projects, and I like to take one step at a time. Lets just say I will be extremely grateful, and I will make sure you are rewarded for your contribution.

0 Chosen 15 Available Est. Delivery Mar 2013

A$2,000 + Reward

approx US$1,495

Same as the $500 category for those of you who live outside of Australia. Keep in mind that the return ticket needs to be less than $2000 for this to be possible. If I can afford to get to and from your place, I will fly out to where ever you are, and you will get all of the rewards listed in the lower catagories also.

0 Chosen 5 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2012

A$4,000 + Reward

approx US$2,990

Same as the $2000 category, except I will have a much better chance of flying out to you where ever you are. You will get a PDF of the book, access to the interactive site, access to all three albums (both web and physical copies) , I’ll come and live with you for a little while, play a solo Holographic Cocoon show at your house, I will cook for you, and involve you in a future project of some kind. We will also most likely become awesome friends.

0 Chosen 5 Available Est. Delivery Mar 2013

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