Southern Shoes

By steven mavros

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A$120 + Reward

approx US$92


You just bought yourself a pair of shoes buddy. This is a discounted pre-sale price, cheaper than they will be once released. These babies will be the best things you've ever wrapped around your feet. Get excited, you will soon be dancing up a storm! And you get stickers and a poster too.


Please select your size from the provided chart on the left and email it to after completing your purchase.

13 Chosen Est. Delivery Feb 2013

A$200 + Reward

approx US$153


Get your own custom made shoes with whatever text you like on them. Also receive stickers and a large poster.

Text will be printed in black on the outside of the heel on both shoes. Max. 10 characters.


Please select your size from the provided chart on the left and email it and the text you want printed on the shoe to after completing your purchase.

4 Chosen Est. Delivery Feb 2013

A$500 + Reward

approx US$381


This is the deluxe, gold embroidered, limited edition. This limited run of one hundred will be the first pairs made and will feature text of your choice (Max. ten characters) and the number of the shoe embroidered in gold fabric on the heel. These will never be repeated so each pair will be a one of a kind collectors edition.

You will also get stickers and a large poster of the artwork from the shoes with the same text and number as on your pair.

1 Chosen 99 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2013

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