A WISH BEFORE DYING -- short film

By Brent Mikkelson

C$ Pledged of  C$400


0 Mins to go
Deadline 17 Nov 2012 at 20:00 pm EST


  • Vancouver
  • http://pozi.be/wishbeforedying
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Successfully funded on 18 November 2012 Payment portal is now closed

C$1 + Reward

approx US$1

A personal email thank you.

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Nov 2012

C$5 + Reward

approx US$4

An email thank you note and a digital copy of the script.

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Dec 2012

C$15 + Reward

approx US$12

Email thank you note, and a personal autographed hard copy of the script.

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Dec 2012

C$25 + Reward

approx US$20

personal email thank you note, digital copy of the film.

Will send the film via online to avoid any problems with differing DVD formats in other countries.

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Jan 2013

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