Darwind5 Trekker Portable Generator

By Robert Reive and Valerie Hopkins-Talbot

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C$100 + Reward

approx US$80

Join the ranks of DARWIND5 believers near your communal coffee machine! Make a $100 CDN pledge and we will send you a pair of DARWIND5 COFFEE CUPs with the historic pic, the two turbines & HARVISTOR LOGO on back. White with Dark Turquoise & Black colouring. We pay the postage and ship anywhere.Signed by the team numbered edition 100 only! It's an historic moment for small wind power and the Darrieus EggBeater! DARWIND5 and it's Kilowatt Hours per month output rule!

1 Chosen 99 Available Est. Delivery Mar 2013

C$1,000 + Reward

approx US$795

FIND THE BEST SITE AND HEIGHT FOR YOUR DARWIND5 (or any other less capable turbine for that matter). For your pledge Harvistor Canada will put your site through its SuperComputer Driven WIN3D Turbine Siting Service at 50% off the minimum retail value for the service normally only offered through DARWIND5 Power Integrators.No more costly met tower "field experiments". check out www.harvistor.ca for more info WIN3D. Single Turbine only 12kW nameplate or less.

0 Chosen 40 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2013

C$2,495 + Reward

approx US$1,983

Be the first to get the DARWIND5 Model 1219 500 Watt Nameplate Vertical Axis Wind Turbine at the Manufacturer Partners Price. Get em while they last for your reward pledge. 2m tall & 1.24m dia. with 24V , 48V and 72V DC output options. Rated at 500W in peak hi winds the DARWIND5 Model 1219 is capable of just under 1.5kW output and real performance dynamo!

0 Chosen 12 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2013

C$3,995 + Reward

approx US$3,175

Big brother to the Model 1219, the 1229 is rated at 1.5kW. For your pledge you are the first to get access to the 1229. 3 metres tall and the same diameter the EHD Extended Height Diameter 12 series DARWIND5 while rated at 1.5kW can peak in high winds at just under 3kW, a real performance champ. Your reward is the fabricator buy price for system which will retail at CDN $5495.00 after these rewards run out.

0 Chosen 12 Available Est. Delivery Mar 2013

C$4,995 + Reward

approx US$3,970

BE THE FIRST TO OWN A 500W DARWIND 5 Portable Trekker Wind Powered Generator! Your pledge get's you one of the first 500W Portable Model 1219 comes complete with an 8 Hour Lithium Battery Storage system (800Whrs @ 24V) and a 5m Ultralight Telescoping tripod mount so you can catch the wind and power up virtually anywhere.We also include a Ski bag like tote with shoulder strap and handles. Save 1500.00 off the MSRP $6495.00 by being first

0 Chosen 40 Available Est. Delivery May 2013

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