First Contact - Masters Short Film

By Matt Richards

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You're very kind! You thought to yourself, 20 bucks? Why that's nothing, I spend that on a meal every night. You might go hungry tonight but what artist hasn't? You can look forward to seeing your name in the closing credits of the film.

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Congratulations! Your kindness is either even bigger or you earn a bit more and eat at better restaurants. You just scored yourself a special jar of salt from the lake itself and your name in the closing credits.

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approx US$94

You are a good person! You believe that this film is going to do great things and you want to help push it there. Good on YOU! A jar of special salt signed by the cast, your name in the closing credits and on the website, a DVD and a complimentary warm, fuzzy feeling.

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approx US$234

Amazing, You know this is going to be one hell of a film and you know we'll need all the help we can get. You'll get a DVD, a jar of special salt signed by the cast, a limited edition behind the scenes print and your name in the credits under ‘Strong Supporters’ as well as listing on the website.

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approx US$467

You've probably watched the director struggle for years now and have wanted to help in the past but didn't know how. THIS IS HOW!! WELL DONE!! You'll get a DVD, a jar of special salt signed by the cast, a limited edition behind the scenes print, your name on the website, tickets to the premiere and your name in the credits in a larger font under Proud Supporters

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A$1,000 + Reward

approx US$934

I'm speechless!! You are a true patron of the arts. I will personally name drop you in every thankyou speech or interview regarding funding. You will get everything the other guys get as well as your name/ organisation in the OPENING credits and on the website. You'll also get a Limited edition AO poster and signed DVD as well, and we will all raise our glasses in your honour at the wrap party.

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