The Manly Show

By Timothy Merks, Christien Clegg and Adrian Tolman

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Deadline 30 Jan 13:00 pm AEDT


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Funding UnsuccessfulAll pledges are cancelled

A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

The Dali

We thank you from the bottom of our manly hearts

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Dec 2012

A$25 + Reward

approx US$20

The Zappa

Our thanks is given with you choice of manly postcard drawn by either Tim or Christien and the manliest Manly Show button

15 Chosen Est. Delivery Feb 2013

A$50 + Reward

approx US$39

The Franz Josef

4 manly postcards + button + a manly hand drawn personalised sketch by either Tim or Chris + a HD DRM free digital copy of the three films + The sound track

9 Chosen Est. Delivery Jul 2013

A$65 + Reward

approx US$50

The English

all of the above + a screen credit + a signed limited edition dvd

10 Chosen 40 Available Est. Delivery Jul 2013

A$100 + Reward

approx US$77

The Lumberjack

above + instead of just a sketch you get to star in your own hand drawn Manly show adventure comic!!!

7 Chosen 33 Available Est. Delivery Jul 2013

A$150 + Reward

approx US$115

The Freestyle

above + now you paid for the comic to be in exciting action colour + you will be digitized into the manly show world (as a little orphan) and you also get early test screening access.

1 Chosen 19 Available Est. Delivery Jul 2013

A$500 + Reward

approx US$381

The Godly

above + you are now a Manly Show producer. This means you can get more involved with the production such as giving feedback on scenes (THAT COLOUR IS TOO BLUE!!)

This will also grant you one on one time (8-12hrs) to help you with your own animation endeavours. We will be able to teach you, toonboom animate, after effects, flash, sound mixing plus a whole bunch of 2d animation tricks. Up to you how command us almighty one

0 Chosen 10 Available Est. Delivery Jul 2013

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