Canopy - a feature film

By Aaron Wilson

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Successfully funded on 15 May 2012 Payment portal is now closed

A$1 + Reward

Welcome to the Canopy team! You'll receive a very special 'crowd-funding thank you' credit in the film's end credits.
$1 is an incredible gesture that, collectively, will help bring this film closer to its completion.

6 Chosen 99994 Available

A$5 + Reward

Yay! $5 will help save five frames of our film. Every dollar counts, and if we received $5 each from 20,000 people, we'd reach our goal. As a token of our sincere thanks, we can pop your name on our website as a supporter of the film. Or if you'd rather donate anonymously, you'll receive a personal thank you email from us.

9 Chosen 199991 Available

A$10 + Reward

A very special 'crowd-funding thank you' credit in the film's end credits (as well as on the website). Plus updates from the Producer with lots of film festival and cinema release news. Oh, and we'll email you a digital poster to print, pop on to your desktop or email on to your friends.

35 Chosen 9965 Available

A$50 + Reward

The above, plus a special advanced edition DVD of the film, signed by our director Aaron Wilson (once film has been screened in your region).

59 Chosen 4941 Available

A$100 + Reward

All of the goodies from above, plus a quality Australian chocolate bar styled in the fashion of a WWII ration pack ... but a lot tastier! Plus, you'll get a link for a digital download of our short film, WIND (shot in Australia and Singapore).

30 Chosen 470 Available

A$250 + Reward

The above, and ... a 400mm x 280mm print, which will be your choice from three of our production stills, printed on quality photographic stock.

11 Chosen 439 Available

A$500 + Reward

Awesome! You'll receive a large cinema release poster, signed by our director. Don't forget all the other items listed above are yours, too.

8 Chosen 192 Available

A$1,000 + Reward

A massive commitment. For that, you'll receive the above merchandise, plus ... a personal invite with 2 tickets to our Red Carpet opening night in Melbourne. We can't help you get there or cover your stay, but you'll definitely be sitting with the Canopy team.

4 Chosen 46 Available

A$5,000 + Reward

You absolutely rock our world! You'll become an Executive Producer, and you'll receive this credit in the film. Plus all of the above items. Oh, and when you're here for the screening, we'll take you out to dinner in Melbourne at our favourite Singaporean restaurant. Tai hao le!

0 Chosen 20 Available

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