Easy USB Interface Board, SPI I2C UART GPIO PWM

By Joel Coenraadts

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A$1 + Reward

approx US$1

A big ol’ certificate of thanks (pdf) and a link on our blog to your blog or website

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A$30 + Reward

approx US$26

HU-320 PCB Kit, all components plus the PCB. An easy build and a fun project.

4 Chosen 21 Available

A$45 + Reward

approx US$39

Fully assembled, first off the line, HU-320 breakout PCB!

4 Chosen 21 Available

A$80 + Reward

approx US$69

HU320 PCB kit and Benchtop Power Supply kit. An easy build, a fun project AND a useful tool at the end!

0 Chosen 8 Available

A$95 + Reward

approx US$82

Fully assembled HU-320 PCB and Benchtop Power Supply. Done and dusted, plug it in and power it up!

3 Chosen 5 Available

A$165 + Reward

approx US$142

Fully assembled HU-320 and four hours software development time. Let us build your dream controller!

0 Chosen 25 Available

A$285 + Reward

approx US$245

Fully assembled HU-320 and eight hours software development time. Let us build and even bigger dream controller!

0 Chosen 25 Available

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