Tigers' Den: Video Reviews And Interviews

By Dwaine Bailey

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A$1 + Reward

Acknowledgement on your choice of: The Tigers' Den website, Facebook Page, or Twitter account (or any combination of the three!)

1 Chosen 99 Available

A$10 + Reward

The $1 reward, plus a personal email or handwritten letter from me (Tiger!)

0 Chosen 30 Available

A$20 + Reward

The $10 reward, plus a personal video recorded on my new video camera. The video can either be a "Thank You" from me to you, or anything else that's reasonable that you want. Be creative!!

0 Chosen 25 Available

A$30 + Reward

The $20 reward, plus a video review (or maths video) to be put on the website (and YouTube) dedicated to you, on the topic of your choosing (as long as its reasonable, again.)

2 Chosen 8 Available

A$40 + Reward

The $30 reward, plus the opportunity to cameo in the video dedicated to you as a guest reviewer.

0 Chosen 5 Available

A$50 + Reward

The $40 reward, plus a DVD of the first three months worth of reviews and videos made with it (possibly with commentary!)

0 Chosen 10 Available

A$100 + Reward

I'll give you the $50 reward, and - if you go to SupaNova Sydney or SMASHCon this year - I'll take you out to Japanese Food. If you don't go to SupaNova (or don't live in Australia) then make a suggestion and I'll see what I can do

0 Chosen 1 Available

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