Oz New Media Art in NYC - Hyperdentity

By Georgie Roxby Smith

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Deadline 27th August 2012 at 12:00 pm EST


Successfully funded on 27 August 2012 Payment portal is now closed

A$5 + Reward

approx US$5

Total kudos and love,

plus a listing on my website as a supporter of GRS Art!

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Sep 2012

A$20 + Reward

approx US$19

My heartfelt thanks and a Hyperdentity Desktop Wallpaper.

Membership to the Get Hyper New York mail list updating you on the projects travels in NYC.

6 Chosen Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$50 + Reward

approx US$47

All of the above +

Animated Hyperdentity Screen Saver

PLUS!!! A Special Reno Souvenir to celebrate Hyperdentity being accepted into Prosepectives.12 International New Media Festival in Reno, Nevada.

Pledge $50, email me your photo and I'll stand in front of the famous "RENO - The Biggest Little City in the World" arch with your virtually analogue face on a cardboard stick mask and send you a souvenir image framed in true Reno style!

3 Chosen Est. Delivery Nov 2012

A$100 + Reward

approx US$94

All of the above +

Hyperdentity Postcard direct from NYC

Funky Hyperdentity Sticker

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$250 + Reward

approx US$234

All of the above +

Personalised photos from the projection site.

Your name projected on 14th Street New York.

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$500 + Reward

approx US$467

All of the above +

Personalised Clone Shout Out video from Georgie Roxby Smith's Hyperdentity. Sent to you electronically and on DVD.

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$1,000 + Reward

approx US$934

All of the above +

An animated clone created in your image and personalised 3D animation video sent to you via Vimeo and DVD

Select a projection location along 14th St New York

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Oct 2012

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