Giant Green Games!

By Chris Chinchilla

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A$5 + Reward

approx US$4

A handwrtitten thankyou card

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Dec 2012

A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

A handmade Green Renters thank you card and acknowledgement online, in the instructions booklets and all marketing documentation

1 Chosen Est. Delivery Dec 2012

A$25 + Reward

approx US$19

Individual Green Renters Membership (includes regular newsletter, annual report, 10% store discount and Flexicar membership) plus invitation to the launch party - a chance to play the games!

4 Chosen 196 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$50 + Reward

approx US$38

A $30 voucher for our online store or to attend a Green Renters workshop, along with an invitation to the Giant Green Games launch party!

2 Chosen 98 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$100 + Reward

approx US$75

Did you ever wish you were a celebrity? Dream of living on Mayfair? Almost as good- choosing this reward gives you naming rights over a square in either game!

4 Chosen 46 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$250 + Reward

approx US$187

A sponsorship spot on the Rentopoly playing cards, plus a free hire of the completed games - for use at a staff social function or training day. If you select this reward please contact us for further details about submitting your branding

1 Chosen 9 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2013

A$1,000 + Reward

approx US$748

The chance for a sponsor to have brand labeling over the centre of the Rentopoly board. This is a 3m squared space that will be seen by thousands of people! In choosing this reward you also receive a free hire of the completed games - for use at a staff social function or training day. If you would like to purchase this reward please email us to finalise details or for more info!

0 Chosen 1 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2013

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