By Adam Maher

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  • Newcastle
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A$1 + Reward

approx US$1

Receive a personal copy of the film straight to your email address.

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$2 + Reward

approx US$2

During the shooting of this film, every pledge over $2 will be rewarded with the dropping of the dope phrase "What up cunt"

0 Chosen 150 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$15 + Reward

approx US$11

For $15 we will add your face to the film, via the awesome power of masks, please submit a photo of your face to ajmaher40@hotmail.com, subject title - "Face Down".

0 Chosen 20 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$20 + Reward

approx US$15

For $20 you not only get your face on film, you get to see yourself hooking up with a hot chick or dude. submit a photo of your face to ajmaher40@hotmail.com subject title - "Face Down hook up" please include your sexual preference

0 Chosen 10 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2012

A$35 + Reward

approx US$26

Main Characters of the film, you will be drinking with the best of them all night and choice of the characters name submit a photo of your face to ajmaher40@hotmail.com subject title - "Face Down Chararcter". Please include your sexual preference and any other details that would help us to emulate your character to perfection

0 Chosen 2 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2012

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