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PR your way to an awesome campaign with jack+bill

jack+bill are offering up to $22,500 in PR support to three lucky campaigns this year!...

Jul 23 2015

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Why you can’t wait to be picked

Though it may seem the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be, waiting for someone in charge to pick you is an outdated idea that bears little fruit....

ByJoana PartykaJul 13 2015


Real Australians Say Welcome! 5 minutes with Peter Drew

At the conclusion of his Australian tour, we chat to Peter about his experiences, from the crowdfunding process to how his project was received by the people on the street....

Jul 2 2015


Need a creative breakthrough? Do the same thing over and over.

Every day since April 6th this year, thousands of people around the world have sat down to repeat the same creative act they performed yesterday. A drawing, a photograph, a typographic image – whatever the theme or medium, they’re making an effort to repeat this act for 100 consecutive days. Why? Well, among other reasons, in an effort to unlock their creativity....

ByJoana PartykaJun 18 2015

The Truth About Beer, Coffee & Creativity.

We’ve long known alcohol and coffee affect our brains in various ways. But can it improve our creativity, work quality and output?...

ByJoana PartykaJun 5 2015


Aphra Mag Teaches Us Not To Be Annoying

How do you promote your project and gain supporters without, well, annoying people? Successful creators Aphra Magazine lay it out....

ByJoana PartykaMay 21 2015


Social Media That Doesn't Suck - This Infographic Shows You How

Most people are using social media completely wrong. Make sure your campaign doesn't tank with these awesome stats on what people share and why....

May 18 2015


5 tips for Crowdfunding Theatre

Theatre is one of Pozible's most active categories – it’s about time someone gave some expert advice on the matter....

ByJoana PartykaMay 5 2015


Why crediting your collaborators benefits us all.

Tim Webster moonlights as an artist and heads up product at Kllective. This article was made a whole lot better thanks to editing by Quentin...

ByTim WebsterApr 17 2015



近年来,众筹作为一种新兴的互联网金融模式,为创业者们带来了:低门槛的融资机会;产品试水市场的机会;早期种子用户的积累;品牌在海内外的建立和集中曝光机会;来自专业用户的产品使用及功能反馈;产品的市场价格预期,等天然的低成本利好,因此得到了越来越广泛的硬件创业者们的认可和青睐。 自2...

ByAngela QinMar 2 2015