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$3 Million in Pledges & Updated Crowdfunding Facts!

ByThe Pozible Team · 20th Jun 2012

When we raised $2 million in pledges within 5 months of hitting our first million, we were beyond excited.

Today, we are pleased to announce we have smashed $3 million in pledges in only 3 months!

Some of our recently successful projects include Tom Dickins, Ben Abraham and Zombie project Patient 0, who have all raised beyond their initial funding goal. Patient 0 is currently sitting at $94,862 funded, beating their goal by 902% – a first of Pozible! These three projects alone have raised a combined $137,562!

Once again, this would not have been possible without the continued support from project supporters. It is you guys who make crowdfunding work!

In celebration of this terrific milestone, we have updated our Pozible Crowdfunding Facts! We feel these statistics are not only interesting, but will come in handy to project creators. If you've always wanted to know which pledge amount is most popular or which are our top traffic sources, then keep scrolling down!


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yes indeed..looking forward to submitting the pledge August 21 2012 · Reply

Awesome work gang! Thanks to your site and the great info you provide, we reached our goal in 10 days and still have two months to go! You guys rock! June 25 2012 · Reply

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