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Pozible Gets More Social!

ByThe Pozible Team · 27th Jun 2012

Have you always wondered what projects your friends are supporting or if some long lost friend is running a crowdfunding campaign?

Well, here's something that might interest you! Pozible are now launching our new Social Function which allows all Pozible users to see what projects their friends are supporting or running.

It is really easy to set up! All you need is a Pozible account and a facebook account.

How do I set it up?

On the menu bar, there's a button called "Social Off". Hover your cursor over the button and a box will drop down. The box will ask you to link your Facebook to your Pozible account. Click on "Link".

Once done, the page will refresh and all the projects in our current listing pages will be ranked according to how many Facebook friends are supporting the project.

You can always turn off your social function by clicking on the "Social On" button. You can also unlink your Facebook account from your Pozible account by logging in and going to My Profile. Scroll down and there be the option to unlink your accounts.

We strongly urge project creators to use this function as it can increase your project's ranking and prove the legitimacy of your project.

We think this is a win-win for both project creators and project supporters! Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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Aaah, I love it when I plan comes together...

This will make a big difference in the legitimacy stakes.

Andrea - June 28 2012 · Reply

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