Pozible now accepting pledges in Bitcoin

Pozible project creators can now accept pledges in Bitcoin as a payment method!

Requests from users for Bitcoin support have been rolling in consistently in recent months, so we listened.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which exists entirely online and can be used for making payments and purchases between users able to exchange it.

You manage your Bitcoin balance with software called a (virtual) 'wallet' - we use and recommend

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Crowdfunding For Research Now Live!

We've broken new ground launching our new Research category.


Providing a unique funding avenue for students, research projects can now be crowdfunded for the first time in Australia.


The launch follows a successful pilot project run in partnership with Deakin University which saw six-out-of-eight postgrad research projects successfully crowdfund more than $68,000 earlier this

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Being a Self-Managed Artist. Being an Artist. Just Being - A Guest Post by Sam Buckingham

I'm going to try and avoid the 'here's how to be a self-managed artist' vibe in this article because, although those things can be hugely helpful, informative, inspiring and insightful, I don't consider myself an expert on, well, anything. I'm very aware I'm a singer, a songwriter, a musician, a human and somewhere along the line, at many forks in the road, I've chosen to dedicate my life to the pursuit of happiness, and the creating and doing of things that make my heart burst (in a good way). So at some point I realised there

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Credit & Debit card payments now available for projects in USD

We're very thrilled to announce that we are now able accept USD card payments (as well as PayPal payments) directly on Pozible.   If your project currency is in USD, you will now find an option for Stripe under the Payment settings tab when creating a project. Simply click the connect with Stripe button and follow the onscreen prompts to activated this payment option. Project creators are required to have a FREE Stripe account in order to accept card payment on Pozible.           Pledges are processed directly

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Grinners are Winners: WIN 12K with Pozible and the Happy Project

C'mon - get happy.


Not just because it feels good, man, but because you could pocket a cool 12 GRAND.


The Happy Project is seeking the coolest ideas, projects and initiatives aimed at meeting this simple brief: make the world a happier place.




We LOVE The Happy Project for a bunch of reasons. Mostly, because Pozible's own projects introduce people who come together around a crowdfunding project, where one cool idea unites a project creator

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Now possible with Pozible...

Some of you may have noticed a number of changes to our platform recently. If you haven’t, here’s a list of the tweaks we’ve made to improve your Pozible experience.


Real-time Currency Exchange Rates

So you’re from Frisco and you want to pledge to your mate from Down Under’s Pozible campaign but you’re wondering how many greenbacks you’d be parting with. Well now there’s no need for you to Google a currency converter. Our platform will do currency conversion in real-time, saving you

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Your Paypal account may be limited - What now?

Your crowdfunding campaign just reached it's funding goal - Hooray! But hang on, PayPal has limited your account. Why does PayPal limit my account? PayPal relaxed the verification process to allow you to use your Paypal account straightaway. Now that you've reached your funding goal, a large sum of money is entering your account and our service fee is taken out from each transaction. PayPal needs you to verify your identity to make sure the funds are not fraudulent. How do I remove the limitation? 1. Log in to your PayPal account. 2. Click

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Ten Unique Pozible Projects!

1. Parma guy James Bowers sought $22 to go down the pub for a humble parma and a pint, offering rewards like a photo of himself with said parma. Amazingly, he ultimately raised $259 and turned the project into a Parma Party, treating selected supporters to join him in his repast! 2. Tennis Grandma Who said crowdfunding was just for the young and hip? At 83 years young, Margaret Fisher is still pretty spritely around a tennis court, and is currently the subject of a project to get her to the over-80s Tennis World Championships in Austria. Nice one,

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