Pozible Collections

What are Pozible Collections?

A collection is a convenient digital portal for all your affiliated projects to be hosted in a single webpage. By running a Pozible collection, you will not only be supporting people to make their dreams come true, you’ll also be marketing your brand to our growing online youth-oriented and creative community.

Pozible offer two kinds of Collections, Business Collection and Partner Collection.

Business Collection is designed for Businesses / Corporates to showcase the projects they've supported, have their logo placed on these projects as a supporter, and use their collection as a landing page to draw traffic, drive social media or even run major campaigns through crowdfunding.

Partner Collection is designed for our Partners to showcase their affiliated crowdfunding campaigns, whether your organisation is a film school, a funding agency, a festival or anything in between.


Our fully customised and branded collections allow our sponsors to showcase projects they’ve support in any way you choose. , give sponsorship away, run campaigns or competitions.

You will receive

  • Your own branded and customised collection page - with your own background, header, logo, banners.
  • Your branding prominently placed on projects you’ve supported (subject to approval)
  • Prominent brand placement on our homepage and our collection pages
  • Your brand featured in our fortnightly newsletter and EDM (at specified times)
  • You will have the ability to allow projects to apply for inclusion and can approve them directly

Business Collection Partner Collection

How Does It Work in Business Collection

Businesses and corporates can now purchase Pozible Credits in bulk and use these credit to support individual projects as they go. All supported projects will be listed under their Business Collection and their logo will also be placed on the project campaign page(conditions apply) for everyone to see.

The minimum requirement for setting up a branded Business Collection is purchasing over $1000 worth of credits. All credits can only be used on projects in Australian Dollars.

Get Started

To apply for a business collection, simply follow three easy steps.

  1. Register or login then Pre-purchase credit here
  2. We’ll contact you to set up your very own fully customised collection
  3. Start sponsoring projects on the site, projects will automatically be featured on your collection page

For major sponsors, Pozible can develop tailored social media-driven promotional campaigns where sponsors can actually drive social media traffic through a competition or hosting competitions.

We offer a growing online audience that is youth oriented, social media savvy and creative, and provides unique viral and social marketing opportunities.

For more information on how Pozible can work with your client or agency, please contact our team at info[at]pozible.com. 

What Are Pozible Credits?

Pozible credits are an alternative payment system for businesses using our collection feature.

If you pre-purchase a minimum amount of credit, you can spend it on supporting whatever projects you choose, just the same way you would pay by credit card.

Our credits are equivalent of $1 credit = AUD $1. You must buy a minimum $1000 worth of credit to have your own collection set up. To purchase or renew credits, simply pay by credit card by clicking the credit tab in your backend. You will receive $1000 worth of credit to spend on individual projects as you see fit. 

In addition, you will be charged a 10% transaction and administrative fee + GST. You will be asked to provide your details so we can contact you to set up your collection, begin placing your logo on projects you sponsor and list you among our sponsors, and send you an invoice. 

Once you’ve purchased credits on your account, you can pledge to projects using these credits.

You will be able to track your credit total by visiting the Credits tab when you log in. When you run out of credit, you can simply buy more. Pozible credits are valid for 12 months after purchase. 

How does sponsorship affect my crowdfunding campaign?

If you are a project creator running a crowdfunding campaign with Pozible (or planning to), you can now have your project sponsored by a business. If a business does support your project, their logo will appear prominently placed on your project page.

When you go to create or start a project, you will be asked to set a minimum amount (in dollars) for a sponsor to be recognised on your project. Our recommended minimum sponsorship amount is set at A$250 as a default, but you can make it any amount from A$1 upwards. There is no maximum amount a sponsor can give your project.

A business can support your project if they pledge less than this amount (just like any supporter), but this is the minimum amount needed to have their branding appear on your project as a sponsor.

If you aren't interested in sponsorship, you can simply set the minimum sponsorship contribution as higher than your total target.

How do I find my own sponsor for my project?

If one of your supporters is a business, you can invite them to become a sponsor and pre-purchase credit and receive a tax invoice for their sponsorship.

Please note only business accounts that pre-purchase a minimum of A$1000 in initial credit will be able to have a collection, and will be able to use the credit system initially. Once they've pre-purchase credit, we will get in touch with them to set up their collection and they will be able to sponsor your project through our credit system.

Pozible endeavours to work with businesses that have a strong corporate social responsibility program or a strong focus in philanthropy and/or the arts sector.

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