Pozible Shop

What’s a Pozible Shop?

Finished your campaign? Wondering what to do next?

After you’ve finished your successful campaign, you can turn your Pozible campaign page into an online store. Instant e-commerce!

Your Pozible Shop lets you continue selling project rewards (or the final product of your project) drive traffic to an external website, stay in touch with your supporters or audience, as well as engaging new people.

Say you’re a musician. Your campaign’s finished and your tour is about to start. You can use your Shop to sell tickets, downloads, merch or copies of the album.

All you need to do to set it up is have already run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Pozible.

To set up your Pozible shop, just Login and go to Manage Project
  • Traffic is terrific

    Many Pozible projects attract interested viewers long after the campaign is over. Rather than letting this traffic go to waste, you can use it to keep attracting new fans and customers.
  • No upfront or listing fees

    Unlike other e-commerce platforms, we don’t charge any upfront fees to create an online shop. Instead, you pay the same low service fee (usually 5%) on rewards, along with the same PayPal transaction fees (usually 2.5-3% + $0.30).
  • Immediate PayPal payments

    No waiting to receive your payments! Pozible automatically processes and transfers all payments from purchases directly to your PayPal account. All transactions are handled through our secure payment system and fully integrated with PayPal.
  • What can you sell?

    Use your online store to sell rewards associated with your project. Just like with your project, you can create exclusivity and set limits on the number of rewards available and add any shipping costs. However, you can only sell rewards you are able to deliver immediately - you may need to wait until you are production ready before you launch your online store. For the dos and don’ts of Rewards, see our Project Guidelines
  • One-stop shop

    By turning your Pozible project page into a Pozible Shop, you can keep updating existing supporters and keep your easy URL active. Inform your community about your progress, tour, screening or exhibition dates or even tell them about your next project...
  • Simple set-up

    You can set up your Pozible Shop any time after your campaign ends. Just log in, go to Manage Project and click on the button to open your Shop under Basic. To ‘stock’ your Pozible Shop, add rewards for sale that are available now/can be sent in real time as you receive orders. If you have any problems, we’re here to provide friendly tech support and advice. To contact us, click here.