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Maker Machine The Mobile Makerspace

By Jethro Pugh and Sam Nikolsky

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A$5 + Reward

approx US$4

Maker Machine Supporter!
A special 'Thank you' will be posted on our website with your name.

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

Vibrobot Kit

A kit to make your very own Vibrobot! Contains all of the electronics and craft materials you need to make it, and an educational guide explaining the the science behind the robot.

1 Chosen 499 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$30 + Reward

approx US$23

Beetlebot Kit!

Make an obstacle avoiding robot using motors, switches and 3D printed parts.
Includes an educational guide explaining the the science behind the robot.

3 Chosen 97 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$50 + Reward

approx US$39

Limited edition 3D printed Maker Machine van.

1 Chosen 99 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2013

A$280 + Reward

approx US$214

Maker Machine comes to you!

We will bring our 3D printers, DIY robotics and creative projects to a school, club or organisation of your choice, and run a 90 minute class for up to 25 participants.

2 Chosen 48 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2014

A$500 + Reward

approx US$382

Maker Machine comes to you (X2)

We will run TWO interactive workshops at a school, club or organisation of your choice for up to 25 participants per session.

0 Chosen 30 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2014

A$550 + Reward

approx US$420

Maker Machine classroom pack!

This pack consists of everything you need to run your own Maker Machine workshop for 25 participants. Includes solderless electronics, all the parts needed to assemble the robots, and a guide to running the class.

0 Chosen 20 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2013

A$1,000 + Reward

approx US$764

Master Maker.

You will receive a limited edition Maker Machine 3D printed model in premium sterling silver.
We will work with you to design something that is truly unique.

0 Chosen 5 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2013

A$5,000 + Reward

approx US$3,817

Corporate Sponsor

As a corporate sponsor your companies logo will be featured on our Maker Machine van, and website for the duration of the tour, as well as running a workshop at a place nominated by you! This can be a local school or charity, or even your companies end of year party!

0 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2013

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