Melbourne's Forgotten Railway

By Ron Killeen and Andrew McColm

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Successfully funded on 10 March 2014 Payment portal is now closed

A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

Conductor reward! You'll get your name in the 'Special Thanks' section of our website - after all, the production won't be possible without your contribution. We'll also thank you on Social Media, incl. Facebook, Twitter, G+ and our email newsletter.

10 Chosen Est. Delivery Jun 2014

A$25 + Reward

approx US$19

Driver reward! All of the above, PLUS we'll make the documentary available for you to watch online once it's finished. This will be in High Definition with no restriction on the number of plays.

37 Chosen Est. Delivery Jun 2014

A$50 + Reward

approx US$38

Guard reward! All of the above, PLUS you'll get a DVD or BluRay of the final documentary. We'll deliver this to your postal address of choice.

85 Chosen Est. Delivery Jun 2014

A$100 + Reward

approx US$75

Telegraph Operator reward! All of the above, PLUS you'll receive a Walking Tour iBook made especially for this project. This will be an interactive walking or cycling guide for your iPad or iPad Mini; we're making this locative literature side-by-side with the documentary.

17 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Jun 2014

A$250 + Reward All Gone

approx US$187

All of the above, PLUS you'll receive VIP tickets to an advance screening of the documentary once it's complete. You'll also be added to the priority notification list for special announcements; learn in advance what we're shooting and where. You'll have advance access to teasers/trailers before they're released publicly.

6 Chosen 0 Available Est. Delivery Jun 2014

A$500 + Reward

approx US$374

Superintendent reward! All of the above, PLUS you'll get an 'Associate Producer' credit in the final version. You'll get to meet Andrew, me and the production team, and we'll give you a guided tour of the ECP production suites - after all, you're an Associate Producer now! We'll show you how the documentary was made, edited and produced.

2 Chosen 1 Available Est. Delivery Jun 2014

A$1,000 + Reward

approx US$748

Commissioner reward! All of the above, PLUS we'll take you and FOUR FRIENDS on a guided tour of the Outer Circle, starting from our office in East Kew. Let's jump in our own private bus and start exploring! Times and dates TBA.

2 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Jun 2014

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