Hips 4 Hipsters

By Dr Mel Thomson

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A$2 + Donation

approx US$2

Any support you can offer our project is immensely appreciated! While we encourage you to give as much as you can, donations above $2 may be issued a tax deductible receipt by Deakin University. All those that pledge will also be given an advance copy of the completed research. Please click here to support the project.

35 Chosen

A$20 + Reward

approx US$16

A cardboard beer mat with the Hips4hipster logo...to help keep your jam jar drinking vessels steady on your milk crate coffee table

19 Chosen 181 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2014

A$40 + Reward

approx US$31

Beer mat plus a ceramic skull, made by Tasmanian Ceramic Artist Kim Foale, made via imprints from detritus retrieved from the stomachs of dead albatrosses sent to her from Marine Scientist Dr Jennifer Lavers.

43 Chosen 57 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2014

A$75 + Reward

approx US$58

Beer Mat, Albatross stomach ceramic skull AND Hips4hipster logo Frisbee....for all your Ultimate Frisbee needs. The flying disk will be made from 100% eco-friendly recycled and biodegradable plastic.

12 Chosen 88 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2014

A$120 + Reward

approx US$92

Beer mat, Ceramic Skull, Eco-Frisbee and a 'Superbug' pertri-dish Christmas tree decoration by Artist Michele Banks
( @artologica )

11 Chosen 89 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2014

A$400 + Reward

approx US$305

All of the previous rewards PLUS a unique piece of Ceramic Art by Kim Foale...inspired by our 'glow in the dark' Superbugs and Biofilms

5 Chosen 1 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2014

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