Ocean Breath - debut CD by Breath

By Anne Norman, Sanshi and Reo

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Successfully funded on 30 July 2013 Payment portal is now closed

A$2 + Reward

approx US$2

download one track MP3 from our live Didge Fest CD (your choice). A code word will be sent to you with details of the album URL.

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

You get a download of the Live Didge Fest Breath Album (11 tracks, 49 mins, 112MB). A Bargain! A special code will be sent to you.

5 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$25 + Reward

approx US$20

download the whole Ocean Breath CD in high resolution MP3 files (320kbps) from Dropbox on Aug 1st BEFORE the CD comes out. You get to hear it first.

11 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$29 + Reward

approx US$23

WAV file download (uncompressed audio) of whole CD, plus PDF of cover notes and artwork. This will come out just before the CD does.

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$33 + Reward

approx US$26

Within Australia, 1 CD of Ocean Breath will be posted to you with love (probably late August). Postage is included.

24 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$35 + Reward

approx US$27

One CD posted by registered mail to any spot on the planet. Can't wait to hear where you are! Canary Islands, Canada, Ghana...

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$50 + Reward

approx US$39

You will receive 1 Ocean Breath CD plus 1 Breath Live at Melbourne Didge Fest CD. We are so grateful for your generosity. Thank you. Arigato!

4 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$60 + Reward

approx US$46

Two Ocean Breath CDs posted to you. Thank you.

4 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$99 + Reward

approx US$76

we post you 1 OCEAN BREATH CD and we give two CDs to folk in Fukushima when we perform there in October this year.

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$100 + Reward

approx US$77

3 CDs plus a free ticket to one Breath gig and a group hug!

4 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$200 + Reward

approx US$153

You must be feeling extremely generous! Thank you for supporting three Breathers. We will send you an Ocean Breath CD plus a Breath Live at Melbourne Didgeridoo Festival CD and two free passes to a Breath gig AND invite you to the after party for fellow Breathers!

2 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$500 + Reward

approx US$381

You take our Breath away! No, that's not right... You breathe hope into our project! Thank you. How can we repay such generosity? You have the services of one or two members of the band (your choice) to perform at your private function. And of course, you get a CD! And your name in our silver CD sponsor list.

3 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$1,200 + Reward

approx US$913

Breath will perform a full trio gig for you at your venue - you will need to get us there of course, so if you are in Dubai... we need airfares :) Seriously though, when we are in your neighbourhood, we are yours for a 90 minute event. And you get a CD of course! And your name on our Gold Sponsor's List. Can't wait to perform for you!

0 Chosen Est. Delivery Aug 2013

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