Would you like seaweed with that?

By Alecia Bellgrove, Giovanni Turchini, Russell Keast and Fernando Norambuena

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Any support you can offer our project is immensely appreciated! While we encourage you to give as much as you can, donations above $2 may be issued a tax deductible receipt by Deakin University. All those that pledge will also be given an advance copy of the completed research. Please click here to support the project.

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Your support is greatly appreciated and in recognition of your generosity we will list your name amongst our supporters on our Facebook page, in subsequent YouTube videos, in our cookbook and in final reporting

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A$50 + Reward

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For a donation of $50 or more you can choose to receive an ebook or a pdf version of our seaweed cookbook we've decided to produce.

You can also help us name the cookbook and be credited by name for your financial contribution.

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