Ned Kelly: Graphic Novel by Monty Wedd.

By Nat Karmichael

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A$1 + Reward

approx US$1

A 4 page PDF Introduction to Rob Feldman to EVERYONE who spreads the word about the Ned Kelly Pozible Fundraiser! email! Facebook! Let's get this message out there!

0 Chosen 999 Available Est. Delivery Jul 2013

A$5 + Reward

approx US$4

The above and another DIFFERENT 8 page PDF Introduction to Rob Feldman, this Reward will make you feel smug all week! And leave you laughing all month (at least)!

1 Chosen 998 Available Est. Delivery Jul 2013

A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

ALL the above, and a Personalised Letter of Thanks from Nat Karmichael for your precious contribution designed to give you a warm fuzzy glow right down to your toenails...

0 Chosen 999 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

A$35 + Reward

approx US$27

ALL of the above as well as a personally signed and personalised copy of one of the three books mentioned to the left! Your choice! Nominate which book! A great gift idea or be greedy and keep the book yourself...!

24 Chosen 975 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$95 + Reward

approx US$73

A personally signed and personalised copy of ALL THREE books mentioned to the left! Publisher Nat Karmichael will sign all books, Rob Feldman will sign his book. Collectively these books will retail greater than $95, so this is a bargain basement price you will tell your Great-Grandchildren about! PLUS the Rob Feldman PDF files AND a letter of Thanks from Nat!!

4 Chosen 46 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$100 + Reward

approx US$77

A Letter of Thanks! The Rob Feldman PDF files! All three books mentioned to the left personalised and signed by Publisher Nat Karmichael (with Rob Feldman signing his book), AND a signed copy of a PowerPoint Presentation to the Australian Cartoonists' Association (a Comprehensive history on Air Hawk Artist John Dixon)...Whew!

3 Chosen 37 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$120 + Reward

approx US$92

ALL the above AND a Special Numbered Limited Edition (to 200 copies) of the Ned Kelly book, signed by a member of the late Monty Wedd's Family. An early Christmas gift that will be treasured for generations!

0 Chosen 5 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$125 + Reward

approx US$96

EVERYTHING mentioned in the $120 Reward PLUS a special Monty Wedd card (one) of our choosing reproduced especially for this Pozible Project...this card will be numbered and is strictly limited to ONLY 100 COPIES

0 Chosen 80 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$130 + Reward

approx US$99

ONCE again, EVERYTHING mentioned in the $125 Reward, but not one, not two but FOUR exact copies of Monty Wedd's original artwork, Certified and Numbered and Limited to 100 copies. All on good quality 100gsm card stock...

2 Chosen 48 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$180 + Reward

approx US$137

So, let's go through it again: ALL three books signed by Nat (and the Rob Feldman book by Rob, the Limited Edition Ned Kelly book by one of Monty's family); PDFs of Rob's works; Letter of Thanks; The ACA Presentation on Air Hawk; AND for this Reward... The complete sheet of Monty's artwork, an EXACT replica of the Original, Certified and Numbered PLUS your name added to the Acknowledgement Page in the First Edition of the Ned Kelly book! Instant Fame!

4 Chosen 16 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$250 + Reward

approx US$191

EVERYTHING mentioned in the $180 Reward PLUS having your name added to the Acknowledgement Page in ALL THREE BOOKS mentioned on the left. This is the Reward for those who wish to be Immortalised in Australian Comic History!

1 Chosen 2 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$300 + Reward

approx US$229

For Retail Outlets or Schools! 12 copies of the NED KELLY book (Recommended Retail Price will be $49.95) PLUS Nat Karmichael willing to speak about the Artist Monty Wedd and/or Australian Comics for two hours at your School or Outlet. Cost to travel to your School or Outlet will be borne by Nat!

1 Chosen 9 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$750 + Reward All Gone

approx US$571

EVERYTHING mentioned in the $250 Reward, this is for those that want to OWN part of that Australian Comic Book History.
Firstly, your name will be added to the Acknowledgement Page of EVERY FUTURE EDITION of the NED KELLY book PLUS an ORIGINAL late 1940s BLUEY AND CURLY comic strip by Alex Gurney from my personal collection, to show - if it is needed - how PASSIONATE I am to seeing this NED KELLY into print....

1 Chosen 0 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

A$2,000 + Reward All Gone

approx US$1,522

EVERYTHING mentioned in the $750 Reward (with a different BLUEY AND CURLY strip) AND.... Personally hand-delivered to your door by Nat Karmichael (no matter where you live in the world!): a FRAMED three-tier AIR HAWK daily ORIGINAL by John Dixon (from the early 1970s).

1 Chosen 0 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

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