An independent study into Australia's NBN

By Simon Sharwood and Richard Chirgwin

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Our eternal thanks and a warm innner glow for helping out.

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Thanks for helping, we'll include you in a special poll for backers that will be used in the report. The poll will take place in July or August.

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We e-mail you a copy of the report, plus all of the above.

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All of the above and we name you in the report as a "supporter", and invite you to a live chat with the authors in August 2013.

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All of the above plus the chance to make a short written submission to the authors, which will be mentioned in the report's appendices

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All of the above plus a pre-publication briefing with the authors in Sydney, Australia.

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All of the above plus the chance to write the foreword or afterword to the study. First to sign up chooses!

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