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Successfully funded on 13 September 2013 Payment portal is now closed

A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

A downloadable compilation of rare live music recorded in the Format basement between 2010 and 2013.

105 Chosen Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$16 + Reward All Gone

approx US$13

One of 20 double passes to see New York psychedelic royalty PRINCE RAMA play the closing night of the Festival of Unpopular Culture, Sunday October 20 at Nexus Cabaret. Half price, strictly limited.
A compilation of rare live music, recorded in the Format Basement.

20 Chosen 0 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2013

A$24 + Reward

approx US$19

A personal tour of the new venue, redeemable at any time during gallery hours.
A downloadable compilation of rare live music recorded in the Format basement between 2010 and 2013.

57 Chosen 43 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$48 + Reward All Gone

approx US$37

Your name on the guest list for our "Opening Night Gala" later this year.
One (1) packet of expired strawberry wizz fizz, sourced from an unopened box found in a ditch near Park Tce. Issued upon your arrival at the "Gala".

50 Chosen 0 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$50 + Reward All Gone

approx US$39

A unique bundle of independently published books and zines, courtesy of the Format Zine Shop, delivered to your home or office.

40 Chosen 0 Available Est. Delivery Dec 2013

A$58 + Reward All Gone

approx US$45

Back by popular demand. A unique package of DIY books and magazines, delivered to your home address. Will include an advance copy of the Format Leisure Manifesto. Strictly limited stock, get cracking!

30 Chosen 0 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2013

A$75 + Reward

approx US$58

A genuine stone fragment from Format's original headquarters on Peel Street. Hand-numbered and labelled with a small brass plaque, engraved with the following:


To be delivered or collected by arrangement.

37 Chosen 63 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$201 + Reward

approx US$153

The right to include one of three bodily fluids (blood, tears or ejaculate) in the Format Fluid Archive™.

Your sample will be labelled, sealed and displayed in perpetuity in the new venue.

5 Chosen 35 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$513 + Reward

approx US$391

A certificate of Format citizenship, signed on behalf of Format Nation by Format's Founding Director, Dr Ianto Ware.

2 Chosen 78 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$1,004 + Reward

approx US$764

For a limited term, Format Collective will bestow upon you the office of NIGHT MAYOR.

Trappings of the office of NIGHT MAYOR include a decorative sash, a bathrobe, a wooden sceptre and free entry to all ticketed events for the duration of your three month term of office.

3 Chosen 1 Available Est. Delivery Sep 2013

A$2,013 + Reward

approx US$1,532

Our team of crack party technicians will manage your house party or corporate event. Format will coordinate live music, DJs, dancing, staff, decor and publicity. Subject to scheduling and negotiation, an additional fee may apply for the hire of the Format venue.

0 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Aug 2013

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