I Am Frozen Custard

By Burger Theory

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A$10 + Reward

approx US$8

YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS above the frozen custard machine next to the menu - in a one year rotation with your fellow backers. WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

Photograph your name as it scrolls in store and your frozen custard is ON THE HOUSE!

22 Chosen 978 Available Est. Delivery Dec 2013

A$30 + Reward

approx US$23

BURGER THEORY CREDIT. No bells or whistles; just our honest goods in exchange for your honest dollars.

(Credit is redeemable with your special edition, reloadable "I AM FROZEN CUSTARD" card).

130 Chosen 870 Available Est. Delivery Dec 2013

A$39 + Reward

approx US$30

The "UP THE STRAW" t-shirt. Designed and screen-printed by Tommaso Pascale at RED TOMATO DESIGN; words spoken and, dare we say it, immortalised by Dan.

Wear it in store in the next year and a frozen custard will be on us! If you can get it up the straw...

6 Chosen 44 Available Est. Delivery Dec 2013

A$40 + Reward

approx US$31

THE "Stupidly Thick" t-shirt. Designed by resident artist and burger flipper Jake Bresanello. Wear the man behind our burger wrap's custom run frozen custard tee. Wear it in store in the next year and a frozen custard will be on us!

44 Chosen 56 Available Est. Delivery Dec 2013

A$50 + Reward

approx US$38

Our tribute to Timezone: the ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK IN-STORE LOCK IN, exclusively for you... and a maximum 50 other takers at any one time.

For two hours in January (dates and times to be shared and reserved upon reaching the goal. Beer and wine included, as long as they are ordered with food).

33 Chosen 117 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2014

A$100 + Reward

approx US$76

Exactly the same as the $30 reward but with more bang for your burger buck: A $100 STAKE BUYS YOU $120 WORTH OF CREDIT.

(Credit is redeemable with your special edition, reloadable "I AM FROZEN CUSTARD" card).

64 Chosen 136 Available Est. Delivery Dec 2013

A$250 + Reward

approx US$190

LEARN TO GRILL LIKE A PRO, or at least like we do, along with four of your mates. We'll meet at the CENTRAL MARKET for some toppings of your choosing before heading back to the store and getting our grind on. You'll learn all the aspects that go into a Burger Theory burger, customised to suit your ingredients (two hour duration; some time in January).

7 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2014

A$500 + Reward

approx US$379

FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH. Literally - you name and choose the month's frozen custard special (available to organisations too).

It'll be your call on ingredients (in consultation with Dan) and your call on the name (vetted by Rob). Of course, you would also be invited to test and approve the final product.

Your frozen custard will then be up on our menu board and social media networks for one month's duration as a glowing tribute to you.

2 Chosen 22 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2014

A$1,000 + Reward

approx US$757

A tribute to Adam West's Batman: THE BURGER PHONE.

We have a burger phone (seriously). Its number will only be made available to redeemers of this reward (max 5), for one year, with a total store credit of $1000 per person (N.B. credit still valid after the year is up).

No one but you will be able to order over the phone to skip any queues. It's a direct line to Burger HQ, and we'll be listening.

[Staff in store whisper to one another: "Quick, it's the burger phone..."]

2 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2014

A$2,000 + Reward

approx US$1,513

YOUR OWN PRIVATE LOCK IN. The ultimate all-you-can-eat-and-drink-custard fest, for you and fifty people of your choosing (good for organisations too).

Upon a successful campaign, we'll be in touch to arrange the date and two-hour time slot for this once in a lifetime frozen custard celebration.

And yes, beer and wine is included.

2 Chosen 3 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2014

A$5,000 + Reward

approx US$3,782


Cement your legacy to this pivotal moment in Adelaide's ice cream history.

We will immortalise your name in neon ($2000 cost - vetted by us) and fix it in store as a shrine to your frozen custard chutzpah.

And we will throw you the lock in to end all lock ins: 3 hours of food and drink for you and 50 of your disciples.

Friend of custard, we salute you!

0 Chosen 1 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2014

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