Monsters, Mafias & Manipulators

By Mike Crowhurst & Jason Bray

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A$5 + Reward

approx US$4


Your reward for putting in your appreciated "two bob" is a honourable mention on our Supporters Board.

1 Chosen 19 Available Est. Delivery Oct 2013

A$20 + Reward

approx US$16

Campaign Crusader.

You've always wanted a Red Earth souvenir and now you are going to get one! You are joining us in the frontline fight against trafficking and slavery so your gift comes straight from our on-location film shoot to you. (delivery month will be updated once we have confirmed shoot dates)

4 Chosen 296 Available Est. Delivery Mar 2014

A$50 + Reward

approx US$39

Freedom Fighter.

Imagine how happy you will be when you are watching the documentary on your free DVD and you see your name rolling down the credits. What a hero! And we won't forget your souvenir. (delivery month will be updated once we have confirmed shoot dates)

16 Chosen 184 Available Est. Delivery Dec 2014

A$100 + Reward

approx US$77

Viva la Revolution!

For seeking to set the captives free, receive your souvenir, your screen credit and not only a DVD but a pre-release digital download of film. That means you will get the film before everyone else. You'll be the envy of ALL your friends! (delivery month will be updated once we have confirmed shoot dates)

14 Chosen 186 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2014

A$500 + Reward

approx US$381

You are Breaking the Chains so break out the the top hat and tails and get to the premiere closest to you. Work the room with complimentary drinks in one hand and your souvenir in the other. Tell everyone with a big voice about your DVD, credit and your digital download. (delivery month will be updated once we have confirmed shoot dates)

7 Chosen 143 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2014

A$1,000 + Reward

approx US$762

Wow, You are putting us on track now! You not only get the credit, premiere tickets and this latest film's DVD, but we will throw in three of Red Earth's previous documentaries, including the first Street Dreams. (delivery month will be updated once we have confirmed shoot dates)

4 Chosen 26 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2014

A$10,000 + Reward

approx US$7,617

Your serious generosity deserves a SERIOUS reward. An awesome opportunity awaits as you will join Jason and Mike on location for 2 days to see first-hand why we are so passionate about tackling this important topic. Fly to our shoot location from anywhere in the world (one economy seat, up to $1500 value) with 4 days hotel & meals included! Bring a video camera so you can shoot some Behind the Scenes stuff for the DVD extras. You will also get the above rewards, of course!

0 Chosen 5 Available Est. Delivery Mar 2014

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