Seeking Lemur Superheroes!

By Marni LaFleur

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US$1 + Reward

For every donation, you will have the option of having your name posted on the Lemur Superheroes page of If your donation is a gift, or in honor of someone else, their name can be posted in lieu of yours. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, that's cool too!

4 Chosen 16 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

US$25 + Reward

You can have your photo placed in a face-in-a-hole type image of a "lemur superhero", and the composite picture will be posted to the Lemur Superheroes page of That's right folks, you really can become a lemur superhero (image), and thereby show the world how philanthropic and awesome you are.

10 Chosen 10 Available Est. Delivery Nov 2013

US$50 + Reward

You can name a lemur! I work with about 50-ish individual lemurs and although I can identify individuals, they don't all have names. So, here's your chance to call a lemur something special. Like Special. Or Jimmy. Or Stephanie. I'll even post a mug shot of your newly named beast on

4 Chosen 26 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2014

US$100 + Reward

For $100 you can a) name your own lemur and I will then b) post a video of your lemur doing something awesome* on
*"awesome" activity TBD, but I guarantee it WILL be awesome.

7 Chosen 23 Available Est. Delivery Feb 2014

US$1,000 + Reward

Pièce de résistance. For $1000 you can spend a week with me and the lemurs at Tsimanampetsotsa. Of course, you will have to pay for all of your own travel and expenses, and you may be marginally uncomfortable (think 50 degrees Celsius heat, disease riddled mosquitoes, scorpions, neurotoxic centipedes, the PLAGUE; no electricity, internet, phone, toilet, etc.), but you'll also see some lemurs. And they are great.

0 Chosen 10 Available Est. Delivery Jan 2014

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